Rating of inexpensive popular Rieslings

Unlimited by any commitment, we have recruited Rieslings from a wide variety of countries. We have already tried all these Rieslings in one capacity or another before, but I wondered what the result would be here and now, if like this: face to face, blindly, all other things being almost equal.

Rules of the game

  • 5 Rieslings in an inexpensive price segment of 600-800 rubles. It is in inexpensive, because there is also a very cheap one, but then I would have to climb into the territory of an order of magnitude sweeter wines, which I wanted to avoid.
  • Same glasses, same temperature. Here, without explanation – everything should be extremely clear.
  • Blind tasting. All glasses were numbered and Borya (the author of the blog) poured five wines all alone, noting in which glass which wine. After that, Borya gave way to Anya (co-author of the blog), who changed places in a chaotic manner, writing down the changes on a piece of paper (3 became 2, 1 became 5, etc.). As a result, no one knew where everything was.
  • The Riesling from Pyaterochka Feinherb is beautiful, but it has completely disappeared from the nearest stores and has not been seen for a long time, so today without it.

Final Results and Competitors

Weingut Hagn Premium Riesling, 2019

Very correct, basic Riesling. Warm and sweet aromas of peaches, flowers and honey. The taste is slightly spicy, with an apple peel and a light sweetness in the aftertaste, quite intense taste. On the second day, I got a little sick (but there was no such goal either).

Pfaffenheim Tradition Riesling, 2016

Quickly recognizable, well-identifiable Riesling. Bright aroma of tropical fruits, bananas, flowers. The taste is medium acidity, caramel, a little citrus. Feels like wine is at its peak, but still nothing. The taste, although with a sweet tooth, is less pronounced than you expect from the aroma. We recommend looking for a fresher year.

Landhaus Mayer Riesling, 2016

The aroma is not too bright and complex, but correct and flavorful, citrusy. The taste is prettier: with mango and pineapple, medium acidity and a pleasant balanced sweetness. As a result, it is quite recognizable.

Hans Baer Riesling, 2019

Restrained and subtle aroma. Light minerality on the palate and palpable sweetness. This time the wine seemed very watery and primitive, although very clean, neatly made.

Golubitskoe Estate Riesling, 2019

Medium intensity: apple, lemon, pineapple (canned). Quite high and undisguised acidity, aggressive bitterness with heating. Light salinity. Somewhat rude. Riesling looks weak. Rather, to Sauvignon.